I have been running YouTube channels for years and have lots of experience with them. My very first channel (iCydiaX) got up to 300+ subscribers when I was only 10 years old. Unfortunately the channel was suspended, I learned my lesson from that one. I now have round 3,200+ subscribers on my current main channel (0Toph) with around 1,500 video views a day totaling up to half a million total video views! I make tutorial videos and some videos on the channel are highlights from the stream. I don’t post video very much anymore because I mainly focus on streaming but I always appreciate the support coming from my YouTube.

Ever since 2010 when I watched a recording of Jianos Majoras Mask run (1:53:33) I knew that streaming was something that I really liked to watch for myself. But when I later saw that I could do the same thing as them with my own games I started right away. Although my Internet connection made streaming in HD impossible I still achieved a small audience streaming things like OoT (Ocarina of Time) on emulator and Call of Duty. Some people still show up from around that time (love you drago).

My live stream is currently my main source of content production. I play League of Legends almost exclusively over top of any other game. I am currently in the process of moving up the ELO rating system of LoL to become a source to learn from by watching the stream. Although I am no HotShotGG, WingsofDeath or Destiny I try to make my stream as entertaining as I can by showing off my current skills. I hope that one day I can compete with some of the top viewed streams on Twtich but I understand that only the best of the best are featured in the top spots. Few people would be interested in watching a low rated player improve and I know that. My ideal position in life would be streaming for a living playing games but I don’t really think there is a high chance of it happening.

Some of my more technical skills include HTML, PHP, JavaScript and Python programming skills. You can view my python work by looking at my personal chat bot (h_Bot) that is open source and available for anyone to use. I made this website using some of these skills.

My streaming times change lots depending on how busy I am with other projects or school work. I apologize that I can’t keep a consistent schedule but I am trying hard to move into a predictable routine again.